Fibre Art by Henriette Maier
A Selection of her favourite art pieces

"South Shore 1" - 23" x 34", January 2012, Cut wool on linen.

"Free Range" - 22"x30" Cut wool on burlap. Was on exhibit at the Mary E. Black Gallery, Halifax in 2007.

"Berti The Beaver" 24"x24" #4 cut wool on linen,  2nd place viewer's choice at Art Hits The Wall Exhibition in Liverpool, 2009. Framed. Pattern provided by Jon Chiemiewisz.


"Carnival in Venice" 23"X27" Cut wool on linen, dresses made out of ribbons. Featured in Rug Hooking Magazine, Sep/Oct 2010. Framed.

"Oh" - 24"34" #5 Cut wool and hand-spun yarn on linen.

"Wave" 20"x36" #8 cut wool strips hooked in proddy on linen, set in oak plywood frame.

 "Red", 26" by 26" wool on Linen.

"There is always room for one more Elefant", 23" by 36", wool on linen.

"Abstract", 2' x 3', #8 cut wool on linen, wedding gift for Henrik and Michael.

"Evening", 16" x 22", wool and hand spun yarn on linen.

This is a close-up of the blue shell below.

Swamp Purse, pattern by Michele Micarelli.

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